Helping Today

Helping Today grants improve the quality of life for all in our region by ensuring a vital nonprofit sector. Thanks to unprecedented donor support, The Foundation has doubled our budget for this program in 2019. Helping Today grants are generally up to $30,000, (some exceptions), one year in duration.

Please click here for more information about the Foundation's mission-aligned vision and strategy for priority grantmaking.   

Helping Today grants awarded for:

  • Capital, Facilities or System’s Needs: Assistance with financing equipment and/or machinery to improve agency or program performance, including structural improvements or repair;
  • Communication/Marketing: Expand outreach capacity, improve organizational or program “branding” initiatives;
  • Technology: Improve hardware, software, network resources and/or services necessary to manage the organization or program (bids are required, along with a 50% cash match); 
  • Vehicle Purchase: Bids are required, along with a 50% cash match relative to the purchase of any vehicle;
  • Program Expansion/Enhancement: Increase or develop agency or program capacity and/or quality;
  • Public Policy: Align civic affairs to advance nonprofit mission;
  • Advocacy: Develop partnerships and constituency;
  • Planning: Assessing new ventures, community impact, organization structure, etc.

Helping Today Deadlines

Helping Today grants will be awarded on a quarterly basis with the following application deadlines and notification dates in 2019:

Application DeadlineNotification Date
January 10March 8
May 9July 15
July 25September 20
October 18December 17

Please Note: The online grant application form must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on the quarterly deadline date.

For questions or guidance, please call 814-454-0843. All applications are reviewed by Foundation staff and a volunteer advisory committee, and are ultimately approved by The Erie Community Foundation Board of Trustees.

Sample Application Form

Below is a is a link-to a read-only version of the Helping Today grant application form. To submit an online application for consideration, please contact the Community Impact team to schedule a pre-application meeting during which a code will be provided for use in accessing the online forms for grant proposal submission.

Grant Guidelines

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