Welcome to The Erie Community Foundation, which is a collection of over 800 charitable endowments operating under the administrative umbrella of a single public charity.

Elisha Mack


The Erie Community Foundation, which is located at 459 West 6th Street, traces its history back to 1935 when Elisha H. Mack, co-founder of the Boston Store, created a charitable endowment fund. From 1935 to 1969, that single fund fueled regional philanthropic efforts at the time. After the tax reform act of 1969 created important distinctions between private foundations and public charities, Mr. Mack's fund was transformed into a public charity, The Erie Community Foundation, a process finalized in 1971 by Ed Doll and Attorney Enoch Filer.

Today, we are constantly expanding our collection of nearly 800 different endowment funds, all created locally. Some funds are established during a donor's lifetime, others via a bequest. A number of local nonprofit organizations have also chosen to build endowments under the administrative umbrella of The Erie Community Foundation.

Our Mission

The Erie Community Foundation’s mission is to inspire, engage and empower donors and communities across the region, today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

We envision a united, vibrant, and thriving region for all.