Susan Hirt Hagen Center for Transformational Philanthropy

In December 2015, The Erie Community Foundation announced a new grantmaking program targeting large, systemic problems in the Erie community. The Susan Hirt Hagen Fund for Transformational Philanthropy is a donor advised fund established with a $10 million dollar gift from Thomas B. Hagen, on behalf of the Hagen Family in memory of Susan Hirt Hagen.

The Hagen Family has asked the Foundation to work with major nonprofit partners and civic, government and business leaders to identify a few multi-million dollar ideas that can effectively address concerning issues such as persistent poverty, low educational attainment, workforce readiness and economic decline.

Grants from the Susan Hirt Hagen fund for Transformational Philanthropy will be made as part of the Foundation’s Transformational Grant program. To be eligible for consideration, nonprofits should contact the Foundation to schedule a required pre-submission interview. Organizers should be open to a considerable amount of input and guidance. The organizations with projects that are considered to be most promising by our board and the donor advisor will be asked to submit a full proposal.

While the Foundation seeks transformational ideas, supported projects do not have to be brand new initiatives. Sometimes, all that is needed for transformational change is additional resources to take a good idea to scale.