Create Your Own Fund

A permanent endowment allows you to build a source of philanthropic support for generations to come.

Named Funds are typically established with a minimum gift ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. Funds may be established during a donor's lifetime, or via bequest. Below are various funds from which you can choose to establish an endowment that best suits your philanthropic goals.

Donor Advised

Donor Advised Funds are very attractive alternatives to private foundations. Funds can be established with a variety of assets including cash, securities and real estate, and these gifts are tax-deductible. Each year, you recommend which nonprofits your fund will support. The Erie Community Foundation provides special educational mailings to our donor advisors. We also encourage donor advisors to meet with Foundation staff to discuss local needs.


If you value education and want to give others an opportunity to pursue their dreams, you may establish a scholarship fund in honor or in memory of a loved one and establish a legacy. Scholarships within The Erie Community Foundation are often the perfect option, as you can design your scholarship fund with specific eligibility requirements and parameters. You can also choose the recipients of your scholarship or let the Foundation do this for you. To establish a scholarship fund, a minimum of $25,000 is required.

Agency Endowments

Agency Funds are endowments established by a nonprofit organization in order to support its mission in perpetuity and provide stability for the nonprofit.

Donor Designated

You can create a fund that will make grants to favored nonprofits in your name, forever, as long as the organization remains in operation and is consistent with its original charitable purpose.

Community Impact

Typically created by individuals with broad charitable interests, a Community Impact Fund supports the most pressing needs of our community. The Foundation's Trustees and staff make funding decisions through the Foundation's time-tested competitive grant process.

Field of Interest

If you wish to support a particular broad charitable cause such as Arts, Education or the Environment, you can create a Field of Interest Fund. On an annual basis, the Foundation works with you to determine the project or nonprofit that fits your area of interest.

Pass-Through Funds

This fund allows a gift to flow through The Erie Community Foundation to your preferred nonprofit. This can be helpful if you wish to remain anonymous or when a unique property is used to make a gift.

You can create your own fund in a matter of minutes by calling (814) 454-0843.