Professional Advisors

With a legacy spanning 89 years, The Erie Community Foundation has been deeply embedded in Erie's philanthropic landscape for generations. Our extensive research, partnerships with vetted nonprofits, and community engagement initiatives have solidified the Foundation as a leading charitable organization in our region. We partner with professional advisors to support philanthropy effectively, assisting in crafting tax-wise giving strategies that reflect clients' passions. From administrative support to grantmaking assistance, we handle the details, allowing advisors to focus on building relationships and meeting their clients' financial and charitable goals.

At the Foundation, we go beyond traditional services, providing comprehensive support and Erie-centric expertise to ensure impactful giving. Please feel free to download any of the below resources to use with your clients.

Opportunity for Partnership

We offer several avenues of investment for our endowment funds which include local management, a socially responsible pool and our primary endowment pool. Our donors can also choose to have their new endowment of $50,000 or more managed by their personal investment advisor.

Please contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Steve Weiser to learn more: