Investments & Financials

The Erie Community Foundation is a collection of charitable endowments operating under the administrative umbrella of a single public charity. Below are our financial statements for your review. If you have any questions, please call us at 814-454-0843, and ask to speak to a member of the Finance Team.

Spending Policy

The Investment Policy Statement was adopted by the Board of Trustees of The Erie Community Foundation to insure good philanthropic stewardship and prudent investment of its investment portfolio. The Board has delegated detailed financial oversight of the Portfolio to the Finance Committee.

The Performance Objective is to grow the market value of assets net of inflation, spending, and expenses, over a full market cycle (generally defined as a three to five year period) without undue exposure to risk.

Because the Portfolio is expected to endure into perpetuity, and because inflation is a key component in its Performance Objective, the long-term risk of not investing in growth securities outweighs the short-term volatility risk. As a result, the majority of assets will be invested in equity or equity-like securities

Financial Information

In 2022, The Erie Community Foundation:

  • Awarded 2,639 grants totaling $20 Million
  • Received 32,735 gifts totaling $62 Million

Today, we are home to 900 endowments valued at approximately $367 Million.


Our fiscal year is January 1 through December 31.

IRS E.I.N. Number: 25-6032032


2022$367 M$20 M$62 M
2021$357 M$26 M$19 M
2020$323 M$17 M$26 M
2019$286 M$22 M$21 M
2018$249 M$20 M$25 M
2017$259 M$18.8 M$27 M
2016$222 M$16.5 M$11.2 M
2015$210 M$13.1 M$21.5 M
2014$208.8 M$11.5 M$8.8 M
2013$207.8 M$11.4 M$7.9 M
2012$187.2 M$8.6 M$14.9 M
2011$163.4 M$8.4 M$7.5 M
2010$178.9 M$7.6 M$11.9 M
2009$180.0 M$7.8 M$12.1 M
2008$182.5 M$11.8 M$10.9 M
2007$250.8 M (anon friend gift)$84.5 M (anon friend gift)$109.5 M (anon friend gift)
2006$140.2 M$8.8 M$10.3 M
2005$121.4 M$8.1 M$6.9 M