Jane Laskowski Gives Back

August 23, 2017

Passion gleamed in Jane Laskowski’s eyes as she spoke about The Jane Schieber Laskowski Kickstart Scholarship she established with The Erie Community Foundation in 2015. “Life is for anybody,” said Laskowski. “If you’re down and out, you can get up and out. You don’t have to start from something to be something; you can start from nothing to be something. Some people just need a little kick start to get there.”

Laskowski decided to give back to the Erie community that has given so much to her in a very unique way through the scholarship. Candidates must be 21 years of age or older and employed part time. Supporting students in two-year programs seeking further, technical or alternative education plays an essential part in the selection process of Kickstart Scholarship recipients. Laskowski considers herself lucky to have family support while attending college, and realizes not everyone is so easily afforded an opportunity to diversify their knowledge.

Holding onto her strong belief in empowerment through education, Laskowski wants to support those who travel a complicated road to gaining valuable skills. “The adult student does not have a lot of options out there for help,” said Laskowski. “If Erie is going to move forward, we have to provide an option for people to gain the skills necessary to achieve their goals.” She hopes that an Erie County Community College will soon play a large part in decreasing the poverty level in this region by giving people who may not have previously had the chance to further their education and careers a chance to do so. “I have been very successful and happy in Erie and when I am no longer here, I would like there to be something left to help others find similar fulfillment and joy in their lives,” said Laskowski.