Dafmark Dance Students Are Ready for Their Close Up

December 05, 2017

Profound facial expressions, fluid body movements and hard-working students can all be found each day inside the studios at Dafmark Dance Theater. A $4,600 grant from The Erie Community Foundation will allow students at St. Martin Early Learning Center to exuberantly partake in creative dance infused education in front of a video camera this fall.

The journey through a 15-week course will be recorded and later shared with parents to showcase their child’s development and accomplishment over time. “We have never before been able to sustain a project of this nature,” said Dafmark Dance Theater Executive Director, Jean-Marc Baier. “Dance has a way of transforming the people who experience this artistic expression. This change is what we hope to instill in young people and capture with the new video equipment.” 

Many program participants come from a background of poverty, but Baier believes, through dance, students can be molded to become productive members of society. Dafmark Dance Theater focus on providing a distinct opportunity that will improve educational opportunities for underserved early-learning students in our community.