Infinite Erie to Implement Investment Playbook

October 13, 2022

Infinate Erie

ERIE, PA (October 13, 2022) – The Erie Action Team, acting as the steering committee for the Investment Playbook, unveiled the Infinite Erie brand and vision at a press conference today. Infinite Erie is responsible for implementing Erie’s Investment Playbook by positioning Erie to attract and secure more public and private sector funding than like-size regions.

“With the mass influx of federal and state funds available for cities and counties across the country, we are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — and Erie is ready to meet this moment through Infinite Erie,” said Kim Thomas, Director, Infinite Erie. “Infinite Erie is the key that unlocks the door to infinite possibilities, infinite growth, and infinite hope for Erie County.

Infinite Erie will transcend politics to transform place. Through the collaboration and coordination of inclusive growth strategies, the Erie Action Team will put the Infinite Erie plans into action to serve as a catalyst for equitable and inclusive growth and deliver transformative change.

“When we are unified, great things can be accomplished — and Infinite Erie is proof of that,” said Karen Bilowith, President & CEO, Erie Community Foundation and Action Team Chair. “By bringing together Erie County’s key economic and community development stakeholders and incorporating the recommendations from various community plans, we will ensure Erie is in the right position to seize this unique and impactful opportunity.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively-impacted our community. There are enormous opportunities available at the state and federal level to try to mitigate the harm that was caused. This playbook is our to-do list for pursuing that funding to best serve our Erie residents,” said Perry Wood, Executive Director, Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA). “The Erie Action Team is ready to take Infinite Erie to the next level to enact real change that will make Erie County the best place to live, work, and play.”

“By having community leaders on the same page and agreeing to follow a road map for strategically pursuing funding opportunities, the creation of this strong investment playbook catapults Erie well ahead of other municipalities,” said Erie Mayor Joe Schember. “This playbook, which was the result of extensive community feedback and input into community and neighborhood plans, has identified shovel-ready projects for which there exist state and federal funding opportunities. As we move forward with identifying, applying for, and securing grants, and as additional projects become shovel-ready, this playbook will continue to evolve.”

“While Erie, Pennsylvania was already ahead of the game by having a strong investment playbook in place, Infinite Erie will help us better compete with other cities across the country,” said Christina Marsh, chief diversity and community development officer at Erie Insurance. “Through our shared vision and mission, we're working together now with a sense of urgency to find and secure federal dollars and helping local organizations access the resources they need to get work done across our community.”

Infinite Erie is powered by the Erie Action Team, comprised of the organizations and people responsible for crafting Erie’s Investment Playbook. The team consists of eight entities leading economic and community development in Erie County, including: Erie County, City of Erie, Erie Community Foundation, Jefferson Educational Society, Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, Erie Insurance, Diverse Erie, and the Erie Regional Chamber & Growth Partnership.