Hovis Funding Highlight - Booker T. Washington Center's Summer of Success

May 15, 2023

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The Erie Community Foundation, on behalf of the William & Ethel Hovis Fund, offers a special grant opportunity once a year for high-quality summer programs and camps throughout Erie County. This funding initiative designates the promotion of outdoor activities, camp attendance, athletics and other programs. By providing funding for support scholarships and operations, the Hovis Fund is intended to foster good health and well-being for underserved youth and elderly in our area.

The Booker T. Washington Center was awarded a grant from the Hovis Fund for its Summer of Success program. With this grant, the center was able to provide a seven-week, full-day program for 75 Erie youth last summer.

The Center provided a nutritious breakfast and lunch for all participants, free of charge.

After breakfast, the entire morning session was dedicated to academics. Youth were broken into quads based on grade level and are taught blended levels learning.

The afternoon session was dedicated to recreational activities, arts & crafts, cooking & nutrition classes, and guest speakers. Besides being fun, both of these specialized programs improved students’ focus, discipline and well-being.

Summer camps offer children a structured program in which to grow while providing a special type of community and safe environment where kids come together to have fun, develop a sense of independence, gain self-confidence, and develop a variety of social skills such as communication and conflict resolution ability as they participate in new adventures away from home. Booker T. Washington’s Summer of Success camp does just that for Erie’s Youth.