Erie Gives 2019 Broke All Records

August 27, 2019

Erie Gives announced today that 8,976 donors gave over $5.5 million to support the work of 391 different nonprofit organizations and broke all records.

Compared to Erie Gives 2018, the total amount raised increased by $1.1 million. Donations increased by 2,155 and the overall number of donors increased by 1,031.

The total amount raised for participating nonprofits, including a $295,000 prorated match provided by The Erie Community Foundation, Erie Insurance, Wabtec, EE Austin Companies, ERIEBANK, Knox Law, Little Caesars/Dickey’s BBQ, McInnes Rolled Rings, Northwest and VNET was $5,569,161. The Erie Community Foundation presented checks to nonprofits today during a 9:00 a.m. press conference at the Erie Zoo.

Hamot Health Foundation, the organization receiving the largest number of donors, 680, directed 100% of its Erie Gives donations for those impacted by the heartbreaking fire that tragically took the lives of five children on Sunday, August 11.

“When Boo Hagerty asked to redirect all of Hamot Health Foundation’s donations to the families, we instantly agreed and the response from the community was overwhelming,” said Mike Batchelor, president of The Erie Community Foundation. “Hamot Health Foundation raised over  $54,000, demonstrating Erie’s strong community spirit, and that’s what Erie Gives is all about.”

Record-Breaking Results:

  • 391 nonprofits received $5,569,161.
  • 21,558 donations were made by 8,976 donors.
  • 217 nonprofits received at least one gift of $1,000 or more.
  • 166 nonprofits received $5,000 or more.
  • 117 nonprofits received $10,000 or more.
  • The largest gift was $142,500 made to Foundation for Sustainable Forests.
  • The largest number of donors (680) was to Hamot Health Foundation.
  • The average gross gift was $248.
  • The gross prorated match amount was 5.51%; credit card fees were 2.56%. If a nonprofit’s donations were all given by credit card, the net match would be 2.95%. If gifts were made by check, there is no credit card fee. Therefore, each nonprofit’s average net prorated match will differ depending on the method by which gifts were received.