Announcing a New & Improved Scholarship Application process!

February 16, 2024

The Erie Community Foundation, which is home to over 150 scholarships established by donors, is proud to announce a significant upgrade to its scholarship program. The new system simplifies the application process for students seeking financial assistance for higher education.

“We streamlined our work through our new GOapply system, which is much more user-friendly than our previous program,” said Meghan O’Brien, Director of Grants and Scholarships. “Now, students can fill out just one application and be matched to over 50 scholarships creating more opportunities to receive scholarship dollars. This is one way The Erie Community Foundation is using the power of collective giving to invest in solutions that transform lives.”

When visiting The Erie Community Foundation’s website, students can view the online scholarships separately from those that require paper applications, available from school guidance counselors and other locations. Students can also explore opportunities from the Corry, North East and Union City Community Foundations. Effective immediately, students can apply for scholarships by clicking here.

“Our scholarship program is a powerful tool to help students succeed in college and beyond,” O’Brien added. In 2023, the Foundation distributed more than $826,000 in scholarships from 144 different funds. As each student is unique, so is each scholarship. Recipients are selected based on criteria established by the donor.

Any questions, send an email by clicking here.