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The AJO Forever Foundation aims to connect and help those affected by epilepsy. It was started after the founders 18 year daughter suddenly passed away after a seizure. It started with a Facebook page that eventually gained more than 50,000 followers. Through acts of kindness we try to educate others about the facts of epilepsy. Our fundraising efforts will in turn keeping our mission and daughters memory alive. We hope to provide education, seizure monitors and assistance in travel costs related to hospital visits. Our main purpose is that of awareness and advocacy. We want to educate the general public on the proper safety and steps to follow if a person was to have a seizure. We also want to make it known that epilepsy can be fatal. So many people are unaware of the dangers associated with epilepsy.

Programs and Services

  • Provide education, awareness and support to those with epilepsy


Sarah M. O'Neill

Send an email | View the website | 814-504-6191

1062 Brown Ave., Suite 500
Erie, Pennsylvania 16502