New Arts Residency Program Made Possible by a Privately Funded Grant through The Erie Community Foundation

February 01, 2020

Erie Arts & Culture is excited to announce a newly established contemporary arts residency program, made possible through the generous support of a privately funded grant through The Erie Community Foundation.  The new initiative is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2020. “To execute the residency program, Erie Arts & Culture will partner with Long Road Projects, a Jacksonville, Florida-based nonprofit arts organization,” said Erie Arts & Culture Executive Director Patrick Fisher. “This initiative is part of a larger ongoing effort by Erie Arts & Culture to advance artistic practices that are globally informed, socially responsible, and process driven.” 

“When Patrick first presented the idea to the Foundation, we immediately thought of a donor who has an expressed interest in this type of artistry,” said Susannah Weis Frigon, vice president of Philanthropic Services of The Erie Community Foundation.  “The donor’s gift will help initialize this first partnership between Erie Arts & Culture and Long Road Projects.”

Long Road Projects, founded in 2015 by Aaron Levi Garvey and Stevie Covart Garvey, has served as a platform for artistic experimentation, community engagement, and lifelong learning, focusing on contemporary artists from diverse backgrounds. The Erie initiative will serve as the northeast annex to the established program operating in the southeast United States. 

Long Road Projects’ collaboration with Erie Arts & Culture will fund seven residencies in Erie. The residency program, which is by invitation only, solicits artists identified as a rising voice in the contemporary art community who are actively working to scale their work as an artist. All artists, whether visual, performing, or literary, must demonstrate a clear ability to communicate both their processes and the ideas that fuel their work. 

During their residencies, which will extend between two and four weeks, artists  will be provided with opportunities to examine the region’s built and natural environment, interact with local industries, engage with the cultural sector, meet residents, and access educational institutions.  Each residency will include deliverables to the community, including exhibitions of work, open studio hours, master classes, and public lectures.