Erie Community Foundation hands out $4.6 million in grants to local non-profits

July 25, 2018

Dozens of local non-profits are moving forward with projects.  That's thanks to grants from the Erie Community Foundation. 

The foundation, in total, awarded grants of more than $4.6 million.  18 Erie non-profits are benefitting from this quarter's grants.  One of those is the 'Twilight Wish Foundation,' getting more than $6,000.  That money will go towards the purchase of three special wheelchairs that can be used on both the beach and in the water at Presque Isle. 

Director of the Twilight Wish Foundation, Julie Hartmann, tells us, "Obviously, the peninsula is something that's a really wonderful place for people to go. We know that so many people go down to the peninsula, drive around, look at the sunsets... We always wondered, 'are they able to get out there on the beach again?' This is just one way to get a lot of people out there."

The wheelchairs are available free of charge at the administration building on the peninsula.