The Erie Community Foundation

Foundation Earns National Standards Recognition

Feb 06, 2012 | Posted in Homepage, News, Press Releases

The Erie Community Foundation is proud to announce that we have just earned the National Standards recognition.

National Standards has recognized that The Erie Community Foundation:

  • Holds accountability and transparency core to our values;
  • Is committed to community dialogue, donor disclosure and public scrutiny.
  • Ensures that our local operations are aligned with nationally recognized effective practices.
  • Our objective guidelines-created by and for the community foundation field-govern our operations.
  • Our gift administration is approached with due diligence and responsiveness to changing community needs.
  • And that we understand that our community deserves the greatest impact in every area: education, arts, environment, community, development, health, and human services.

“We have met the most rigorous standards in philanthropy, our grant making includes an open, competitive process designed to address our communities changing needs and we have a history of honoring donors wished,” said Foundation President Mike Batchelor. "The Erie Community Foundation is excited that the work we do for the Erie community has been recognized on a national level. With National Standards recognition we will continue to shape a better tomorrow for the Erie community by helping today."

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