The Erie Community Foundation

Investment Management

The overall investment management goal of The Erie Community Foundation is to preserve and enhance the charitable purchasing power of endowed funds over time. To accomplish this, we retain an independent investment consulting firm who works with our finance committee to establish an investment policy. Click here for a copy of our investment policy statement.

This policy statement is designed to provide an average net annual return of 8% or more, over time. In 2010, our overall investment return was 12.1%. Endowed funds typically return 5% to charity. Inflation will average about 3%. Administrative charges approximately 1/2%. The philosophy is that endowed funds that maintain a 9% return or more, over time, they maintain their charitable purchasing power and can do more good work in our community.

The Erie Community Foundation takes its fiduciary responsibilities quite seriously. Endowed funds are pooled to provide investment management economies of scale and to access products unavailable to smaller individual accounts. All funds within The Erie Community Foundation are covered by a single audit and a single 990 form. This approach annually saves hundreds of thousands of dollars that can be re-directed from administrative fees to charitable purposes.

To see The Foundations current structure by asset class, click here.

If you ever have any questions about our investment management, please call Barb Sambroak, Vice President of Finance at 814-454-0843 or email her by clicking here.

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