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If you are interested in helping teachers who want to improve reading and math in their classrooms, then Donors Choose might be of great interest to you.

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The Erie Community Foundation partnered with for a “Double Your Impact” program in order to help teachers raise money for exciting classroom projects. Donors Choose is simple: teachers post their projects, you decide if you want to make an online gift of any amount to the project and once the project is half funded, The Erie Community Foundation covers the rest.

You can see the school projects on the website and make a donation. Through the “Double Your Impact” program, your donation will be matched. The Erie Community Foundation will fund 50% of a project with a total cost of $1,000 or less. In fact, anyone across the country can make a donation to Erie County school projects.

Here you can view a report on what donors are saying about

The Foundation partnered with Donors Choose because funding has been cut dramatically, and some of our children are not proficient in math and reading, which are two subjects essential to success. By supporting school projects, we can move the needle of one of the key indicators of our community which can be seen at

Please log on to to make your donation today! Our children really are our future.

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