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Erie Women’s Fund

In 2007, The Erie Community Foundation established The Erie Women's Fund as a donor-advised fund that helps local women support deserving local causes. Our mission is to educate and inspire women, of all ages, in philanthropy and community engagement.

Participating members commit to an annual contribution of at least $1,000 for a five-year period. The funds are then distributed to charities through a competitive grant process. If an Erie Women's Fund member makes a gift to The Foundation that is in excess of $1,000, we add the funds to the permanent endowment of The Erie Women’s Fund.

Core Values

  • Our grant-making process is proactive
  • Our decision-making is democratic
  • Our members are each entitled to one vote
  • Our grants are made solely from members' contributions
  • Our grant-making is not limited to female beneficiaries
  • Our pooled-fund grants are large-impact grants
  • Our fund is volunteer-driven, but there is no obligation to volunteer or participate in committee work

For more information or to join:

E-mail Donna Buseck or call her at (814) 454-0843.

EWF Board

Front Row: Ann Rutkowski, Kathy Dammeyer, Vice Chair, Darlene Giblin, Ellie Scibetta, Donna Buseck, Secretary, Dee Dee Bolt, Janet Peters. Back Row: Barb Lechner, Lynn McBrier, Karen Imig, Terri Lubahn, Betsy Bort, Liz McCormick, Chair. Absent: Sally DiBacco, Amy Cuzzola Kern, Mollie King, Beth Lewis.

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